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After printing, the draw tickets are sent by courier (Free Delivery U K Mainland).

Check with your local council for registration. This is the responsibility of the promoter.

Proofs for the details you enter in this order form are free.
*Proofing for later changes to the details on this order are charged at £4.
When entering a list of prizes without 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc please put a seperator i.e. # between
each prize.

Ordering Extra tickets for a job just printed (no change to the art work), you only need to fill in items :- and anything you wish to add in 20. and submit

1. Are you ordering extra tickets for a job just printed?
(no change to the art work
2.Contact. Name / Company
3.Your Telephone Number
4.Your Email Address
5. Name of your organisation
6. Name of your Council and council registration number
7. Name of the Draw (i.e. Valentine Disco Grand Draw)
8. List of Prizes. If your prizes are not itemised 1st Prize, 2nd Prize etc, please put a "-" between each prize in your list
9. Promoter (Name and address of organiser responsible for the running of the raffle)
10. Date of the draw
11. Were the draw will take place
12. Price per ticket (lotteries act max £2)
13. Counterfoil and monies return date
14. Quantity of tickets required (not books)
15. Number of tickets per book - 5 , 10 , +
16. Supplying your own Logo / yes
Send Logos/ Files to :

17. Printed colour : red : blue : green : any
If you do not chooes a specific colour i.e."any" this will give you a quicker lead time
18. Delivery Address  

Post Code

19. When re-ordering please enter the ticket starting number
20. Any further requirements
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